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PayRandom Product
Minimal technical expertise is necessary to use PayRandom. We have built a what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor for making your roulettes. Simply create your offer with PayRandom and decide which roulette do you prefer to use. You can even try the editor for yourself. For power users, we also provide the ability to write custom variation code with JavaScript. For more information, contact support@payrandom.com.
Once you add few lines of JavaScript and a PHP code to your website, you can create your offers with PayRandom, through your backend using experiments through our online editor without modifying your website code again. By separating experiments from production code, PayRandom dramatically speeds up the time to implement testing, since you don't have to redeploy code every time you want to run a test. It also helps keep you organized by not cluttering up production code with experiments.
Yes, PayRandom can be integrated with third party analytics services such as Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture SiteCatalyst. Additionally, with the API,PayRandom can be integrated with just about any analytics service or homegrown data store.
PayRandom built with speed and reliability as a primary concern. It takes approximately 100 ms to load, and should not noticeably impact your page load times. Here are some of the ways PayRandom is built for speed.
There is no limit on the number of offers you can run concurrently.
At this moment you can only associate 1 product to each roulette. We are working in implementing the possibility to use the same roulette for a group of products, having the possibility to sell more than 1 product with the same roulette.
Installation & Setup
Of course, yes! PayRandom is created to all webshops in the world. If you have some webshop you are able to install our plugin. It's too easy and you don't have to spend time reading long manuals.
Yes I do. We offer, for our customers, a plugin (extension) for each platform that allows to install easily and quickly PayRandom and allowing to make promotions and deals with our payment system.
PayRandom Offers
No, it's too easy. You only need to have a product to promote and apply a roulette.
That depends on what you chooses, PayRandom gives you the freedom to choose a predefined roulette or to choose the different prices to put in. In addition, all packages included a set of predefined roulettes that have been tested to be attractive to the consumer.

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