The Idea

How it works?


Select the desired product and quantity

Each ecommerce has its own platform and its items or services distribution. Roulette will be activated only in those products where roulette is entered as a payment method.   


Personal and payment data introduction

Having decided the product and its quantity, user proceeds to fill personal and credit card details, as required by the form of each web page and POS.   


Automatic roulette process activation

This is the only moment of the whole buying process where PayRandom intervenes. Roulette is automatically activated and, therefore, user does NOT has to press any button for this starts to rotate. The box where left standing will determine the price to pay.

How to install it?:

01. Choose the version that fits your needs

PayRandom is offered in 4 versions: FREE, BASIC, PREMIUM and CUSTOM. Decide which best suits your volume of transactions. Try our Free Version up to 50 monthly transactions!

02. Install quickly and easily

Our installation process is adaptable to ecommerces platforms Magento & PrestaShop as well as to customer produced websites (PHP, ASP, Ruby, Java, etc).

03. Set up your PayRandom deals tailored to your products

You can either set up the prices of your roulette or choose a predefined roulette, being even easier to create offers attractive to your target audience. In addition to that, we give you an estimation of the necessary minimum sales to reach the average price of the roulette as well as the roulette attraction.

04. Increase your sales and web traffic

With PayRandom you enhance your offer claims with an innovating concept of a random price. We advise you for a boost of your conversion rate and for a higher web traffic within your ecommerce. PayRandom is a tool for your clients to experiment with a new different way of shopping. Stand out from your competition!

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