PayRandom has created an innovative pricing system that allows ecommerces increase their products claim making prices more attractive.

The purpose is to use gamification, such a growing trend, to make promotions more viral and increase customer loyalty, giving them a fun, exciting and unique shopping experience. From a roulette of 8 squares with prices or discounts, the final product price is determined randomly according to the result in the release of roulette PayRandom roulette.

PayRandom is not involved in the decision of what prices or discounts are introduced into the roulette squares. Each ecommerce decides the value and associated and associated discounts or prices that applies to its products roulettes.

PayRandom implementation allows ecommerces to offer a new sales channel to their customers, significantly increasing the demand for their offerings. Depending on the product version, among other features, the roulettes can be customized by changing its color and entering the desired prices or discounts, realizing a fully customized offer. Furthermore, there are additional boxes: "Free gift", "Play Again" and "Free Shipping".


The Pricing System of PayRandom is composed of various elements that help determine the final price to pay. System elements:

01 The Roulette

Represents the main system actor system. Is formed per 8 squares (or sections). It activates automatically after introducing credit card details in payment gateway.

02 Prices

Within each section there are roulette prices that determine the final price to pay. Final prices will always be lower than product value and, therefore, customer always come out ahead. These discounts can be up to 100% (FREE product).

03 Marker

Is the contour that shows which section (price or discount) has been obtained , once the roulettes stops moving.


The purchase process performed by the user and is totally oblivious to PayRandom independent because roulette pricing is automatically activated only after the customer has selected the product in the online store where you are buying and introduced personal data and bank to make the purchase.

Steps of the process:


Select the desired product and quantity

Each ecommerce has its own platform and its items or services distribution. Roulette will be activated only in those products where roulette is entered as a payment method. This first step is external to PayRandom.   


Personal and payment data introduction

Having decided the product and its quantity, user proceeds to fill personal and credit card details, as required by the form of each web page and POS.   


Automatic roulette process activation

This is the only moment of the whole buying process where PayRandom intervenes. Roulette is automatically activated and, therefore, user does NOT has to press any button for this starts to rotate. The box where left standing will determine the price to pay.

IMPORTANT: PayRandom roulette is automatically activated after POS data introduction.Bank transaction is performed only once roulette stops and the final prices is known. During the few seconds between entering data at the POS and roulette activation, bank only makes a retention, so it doesn’t make the payment effective. Payment is only really done once the roulette stops indicating the price obtained which determines the final amount to pay.

How I can rely on 100% randomness of the system?

Each roulette has a corresponding random formula that determines the section obtained. To ensure full PayRandom roulette randomness, the roulette shot and the whole process of drawing is held in encrypted form within website. To demonstrate system transparency and its operation, the following is an example of an ecommerce where it already operates PayRandom Pricing System: